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Firmware 7.6.3

Offentliggjort : 24-10-2018 18:23:20
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Firmware 7.6.3

Så er der kommet en helt ny firmware version.

Webapp virker på alle platforme, alle browser windows, mac, iphone, ipad, alle Android telefoner og tablet.

 VIGTIGT...!!! Opgraderings infomation til SxTOOL V7xx

Hent den HER 

Smart House APP

På Sx2WEB24 ligger der en såkaldt Webapp, Webapp'en er indbygget i controlleren, som kan kører på alle platforme, det vil sige alle browser windows, mac, iphone, ipad, alle Android telefoner og tablet.
På alle platforme har man mulighed for at styre al
le funktioner, eksporter data, se Grafer, se live data og meget mere. 

App'en er gratis og bliver aut. opdateret ved firmware opdatering.

Webapp'en bliver i øjeblikket udviklet rigtigt meget og jeg ved der snart komme en ny udgave, som er endnu mere brugervenlig og der skulle være muligt at tilpasse skærmen mv.

Sx Tool – Firmware revisions

Document rev. 22/10/2018


Important notice:

1)     From 7.6.3 onwards, the rules for the Input signals in the timer Functions have been changed: please give a look at the manual (How to set a Delay timer, a Recycling timer, an Interval timer).


Official Release Sx2WEB24 R868

New features



  •    New SxQP360Lxxxxx PIR modules
  •    New Switch function
  •    New Program function
  •    Upgraded timer functions (see manual)
  •    Modbus driver revision management
  •    Communication port 10001 is no longer needed
  •    USB modem MULTITECH MTD-H5 supported
  •    Reduced SxTool configuration file loading time
  •    New feedback progress bar on SB2DALI230 module configuration window
  •    New calibration procedure for Car Park installations (SBP2WEB only)
  •    [CPY] Deletion of historical data (SBP2CPY only)


Bug fixing


  •   Error on starting day in a calendar function
  •   Error on stop signal of delay timer function
  •   Astronomical clock data not present in the report
  •   Receivers field for scheduled reports doesn't show the full list
  •   Scenarios S2/S3/S4 of Fx Dupline Dimmer function are not playbacked by Fx Simulated habitation
  •   In Webapp calendar editing, the day of the week is misleading in connection to the day number
  •    Interval timer: the timer function works properly only the first time after writing the configuration
  •   Function name missing in one step of Dupline temperature function
  •   Start&Stop signals of Recylcing and Interval timers don't work correctly
  •   Playback function sometimes starts even if it should not
  •   Dupline compatibility - Critical issue regarding DUG addressing
  •   Web server permissions erased when the configuration is read from the controller
  •   Module doesn't work at controller startup even if is already configured
  •   Calendar function can't set end time smaller than start time in case of different dates
  •   Constant light: movement signal doesn't reload the energy save timer
  •   Label not required in SHJWINS04XXX modules in counting people configuration
  •   Missing PID filter inside the functions window
  •   SxTool cuts the signal names in the functions window
  •   SMS receive options not shown correctly
  •   Webserver accounts rows not shown properly the first time
  •   Counter graph is not displayed in the webapp
  •   Switch function: not possible to control a Switch function using a Sequence function
  •   Slave zones don't follow the master zone during calibration of the luxmeter
  •   Fx Smart light: energy save timer, when expires, does not activate Sequence A
  •   Spike values on graphs about analogical variables
  •   Slow system response time related to dimmer and Rollerblind functions
  •   Tool crash after select "information" of a module
  •   SOFIA updates not sent
  •   Controller stops sending FTP scheduled reports after configuration download
  •   SxTool error after importing updated driver
  •   SmartLight doesn't update lux value from weather station at configuration download
  •   [CPY] Moving windows put them in the middle of nowhere
  •   [CPY] Selected window is not moved in the foreground
  •   [CPY] Wrong Pop-Up inside clock configuration
  •   [CPY] In the entire park status calculation, virtual groups have to be excluded virtual groups
  •   [CPY] If you edit an existing virtual group, some bays not belonging to the group, aren't shown in the related real group
  •   [CPY] Wrong procedure in updating database
  •   [CPY] Change category command doesn't work in integrated version
  •   Dupline compatibility: solved issues when assigning channels for the Temdis display
  •   Wireless programming fails
  •   SMS: test sms fails even if data connection is working
  •   Crosstalk icon always hidden on CP8 sensor calibration window
  •   Disable LED option not present in standard mode
  •   Copy&paste of functions to different locations is not possible
  •   Tool does not export correctly modbus map .csv file for Fx Switch
  •   Bugfix on Tool Signals window "Group by module" filter option (missing function icons
  •   Bugfix of Tool crash using location filtering after deleting functions
  •   Bugfix on Tool location filtering
  •   Carpark functions can be added into Lane/Line locations from "Functions" window
  •   Function restore doesn't start the energy save timer of a dimmable light
  •   Local calendar activities issues
  •   Copy & paste: Heating/cooling system function setting lost when I use copy & paste
  •   Not possible to delete the COM1 port from the project
  •   System crash related to wireless diagnostic management
  •   Huawei modem E3531i-2 is not working with the Sx2WEB system (no data connection)
  •   System crash if live signals are active and sds loses connection with tool
  •   SxTool crash when copy/paste a location with Dupline-modules
  •   Delete objects-locations does not work
  •   [CPY] Drawings: virtual displays are not saved
  •   Value range mismatch between BACnet object and parameter
  •   Tool crash when I add manually a master generator module with right click on the locations window



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