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Input modules for different power supplies Universal input module from Smart house With this module, it is possible with a minimum of costs to change a portion of a traditional installation to a bus-based solution. The terminals on the module is designed for a standard installation cable 1.5 mm2

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  • Expansion Modules
  • Output

    Smart House relay output module. For Tablet and decentralized output module for Tablet is self-sufficient via 230V.
    I.e. power supply output module is not required on a decentralised basis is provided via smart-house bus.
    I.e. There is no power supply

  • Power dimmer

    Universal dimmer
    is designed for DIN-rail
    mounting. This universal
    dimmer is suitable for dimming
    resistive, inductive and
    capacitive loads and LED

  • Controlling Jalousie /...

    This is a 2-DIN relay output
    module to control AC
    rollerblind motors.
    It has been developed to be
    connected to and controlled
    by the smart-house system

  • Heat control

    Solid state relay output module

  • SMS /GSM
  • Input