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Published : 06/26/2016 22:28:53
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The most flexible operating system!

With smart-house solution of the market's most complete intelligent el-installation. The concept is with its modern and proven technology, a complete system that controls all functions as light, heat, and sun shield to optimize the dwelling environment and combine maximum comfort with optimum efficiency, fire, water and burglary alarm to protect the house beboeremod unauthorized and damage to the housing.

Comfort, safety, control, flexibility, ease of use is the idea behind smart house, and are key elements of an intelligent system which allows you to customize your home according to the family's wishes and needs.

The concept also includes the possibility of such. Using Carlo Gavazzis energy meters to login consumption such as electricity, water, gas, etc. Together with data available from the bus from temperature gauges moisture meters and light level and so on. All these data can be logged and displayed via the built Web server, which is a graphical interface in any browser Iphone, Ipad, Computer, Android phone, etc.. Both while you are at home or on vacation.

smart-house is a world of innovative solutions that make your life simpler, and gives the family the joy of a comfortable indoor environment.

Previously Dupline systems and smart house is based on Duplinebussystem. From being an industrial system has Dupline evolved into also being a major player in building automation. Dupline system's flexibility makes it suitable for industry such as a family residences, apartments or cottages.

Dupline is one of the world's oldest bus system, and has so far used in over 6,000 installations in Denmark and over 100,000 installations worldwide.


When you install smart house in your home, apartment or cottage, you install the same time everyday comfort. Inside and outside lighting, heating, ventilation, alarms and electrical devices can be programmed so that it just covers your needs. The possibilities are many - the choice is yours. The limit is only your imagination!


Smart House gives you the alarm for water leakage, burglary and fire. You alerted via siren in the home and possibly. SMS to the mobile phone so that you know no matter where you are. All light comes from fire or flashes when the burglar alarm. Dark areas around the property automatically illuminates if someone comes onto the property, and hjemmesi formulation ensures that the selected lights turned on in the house when no one is home.


You do not go through the whole house to check on windows and doors are closed before you leave home. On your phone, you can quickly get a status, and with one tap you can leave home and be sure that all electrical appliances and lights are off.


Smart House fits just as well for a small apartment as a large and luxurious accommodation. The system is one of the most flexible solutions on the market. Here you can in a simple way to combine 2-wire bus communication with wireless products, making the system suitable for both new buildings and renovations.

Features and components for a basic installation is selected in conjunction with your electrician. The system can easily be expanded with new features as needed and lifestyle. Smart House programmed with a PC, and you can control it via the internet and mobile phone. A Smart House installation increases the value of your home.


With wireless light switches, you are not locked in the installation, and can be a simple way to move around on the contacts as needed. By using motion sensors in combination with light switches, you can control the light manually or automatically.

With a smart phone, you can control any function in your home.


It is both environmentally friendly and economical to install an integrated control system for lighting, heating and other electrical installations. Smart House lowers the temperature when the family is away from home or asleep.

smart-house helps to reduce the property's total energy consumption

Smart House Danmark

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