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Many years of faith service is done!

Published : 10/07/2017 08:54:30
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Smart House Solution

The controls: G3800xx01x / BH8-CTRLZ / BH8-CTRLX, popularly called Generation 1 and 2, have for many years been the foundation of the Smartbuilding system until replaced 4 years ago by our latest and current controls: SH2 / SB2. 

The G3800xx01x / BH8-CTRLZ / BH8-CTRLX, after being replaced, could be purchased as spare parts for many years, but it's over when they expire completely. May 1, 2018. 

All previous controls from 1981 onwards can be replaced with SX2WEB24 controls and SH2DUG24 bus module today. 
This way you can upgrade and reuse your older installation as well as devices to get a more modern and modern system. 

Well, an era is over. May 1, 2018, but a new and better has taken over! 

For more information about the upgrade package  klik her  

Or write for more information  Klik Her

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