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Myth: You should sleep cool at night

Published : 10/15/2018 22:29:29
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Myth: You should sleep cool at night

Are you one of the many who turn down the temperature, and open all the windows in the bedroom when you plan your beauty sleep? Do not let the myth deceive you. A cool bedroom may in fact cause great harm to both your health and your home. Read here why they occur and how to avoid them.

There is nothing better than to creep beneath the warm blanket, while the air around you is lovely fresh and cool.

Consultant and specialist in sleep medicine, Jan Ovesen, can therefore understand that we turn down the temperature in the bedroom during the night. This is because we humans sleep best with a temperature between 16 and 17 degrees. The cool night's sleep should not be done without precautions. Indeed, it might cause major problems for your home and your health.

Moisture damage and mold

If the temperature in the bedroom is about 5 degrees lower than the rest of your home, there is moisture and condensation on all surfaces in the room.

The condensation occurs inevitably when the warmer air from the rest of the property, looking into your bedroom cool. And no. It helps not only to close the bedroom door.

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Condensation may sound very innocent, but in reality it can cause moisture damage and mold - which can be very detrimental to both your health and housing. 

There's help available

You are probably thinking now that your sleep will deteriorate significantly when you can not be allowed to sleep in the usual cool frames. Fortunately, there is help available.

In the following we will show you 7 tips on how you can both sleep well - and at the same time keep the bedroom free of mold. 

1. Raise the temperature again in the morning

If you lower the temperature in the bedroom when it's bedtime, it is important that you remember to raise it again when you get out of bed in the morning. 

2. Air out before going to bed

You can benefit ventilate your bedroom before bed. Make sure there are drafts and air for 10-15 minutes - possibly while brushing your teeth, and jump in your pajamas. 

3. Only 18 degrees during the day

Set the temperature in your bedroom to 18 degrees in the daytime. Remember, it's OK that the bedroom is not quite as hot as the rest of your home - as long as the temperature difference is not more than 5 degrees. Is your thermostat example 4 in the living room, you can place it at 2.5 in your bedroom.  

4. Think twice if you sleep with open windows

It's okay to sleep with the windows open at night. However, there must not be much colder outside than inside the bedroom. Therefore, keep the window closed during the night here during the cold winter months. 

5. Air out each morning

In the morning it is also important to air out. So get rid of all the moisture that arose during the night hours. This is especially true here in the winter months when you have slept with the windows closed. 

6. Keep away from furniture for external walls

If you have a poorly insulated exterior wall, it's a good idea to keep about 10 cm away from your bed to the outside wall. Thus reduces the risk of mold growth significantly.

7. Dry the damp of the surfaces

If overnight condensation occurs on the inside of your windows and walls, it is very important that you wipe it away as fast as possible. In this way you reduce the breeding ground for mold can settle.

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