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WIRELESS video surveillance package WITH WHITE sensorial

Published : 03/18/2017 00:10:05
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Wireless HD video surveillance package with PIR camera and white sensorial

WIRELESS HD video surveillance package WITH PIR CAMERA AND WHITE sensorial

This wireless video surveillance package gives you video surveillance in high resolution, as well as many options and features.

There can sammenkodes up to 4 wireless HD cameras on the system. Connect easily monitor power and network cable to your home network with the supplied network cable. When the monitor is connected to the Internet via your home network (router), you can download the free app, which can be easily encoded with your video monitor.

With the wireless day / night HD camera that has built-in motion sensor it is possible to get a video alarm directly on your phone (Android / iPhone / iPad). It is also possible to view live images and view stored video events directly from the monitor.

The cameras have built-in microphone and speaker, which makes it possible to hear what is going on before the cameras via both app and directly on the monitor and speak out to the speaker of the camera from the app or from the monitor.

The kit includes: 1 pc. 9 "video monitor, 1 pc. 8 GB microSD card for video surveillance monitor, 1 pc. Wireless HD day / night camera with white LED light and motion sensor, 2 pcs. power supplies and Danish manual.

• Light sensor is motion activated • Sharp images both day and night • Free app • View live, wherever you are • See saved recordings • Get push notifications when there is movement in front of the camera

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