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Delivery terms and conditions for
1. Payment
At you can pay with credit card, by bank transfer or by cheque.
If you pay with credit card or other credit cards, invoice amount will be charged to your credit card when the goods are dispatched. 
If you transfer the money directly to our account in Nordea, 2690-5495749098, (with bank transfer) will be the items ordered, when the money is gone in on our account.
When paying by cheque, we order the item once we receive the check.
If the item cannot be delivered or rejected due to damage, etc., or if you use your right of withdrawal, the invoice amount for the product concerned will be deposited into your account, once the Smarthousedanmark. has received your returned items.

2. Prices
All prices are incl. 25% VAT. 
Subject to: price increases, currency changes, force majeure, tax changes, out of stock items and typographical errors.

3. Freight/Forwarding
Shipping price will be information before you approve your order. The price depends on what items you are ordering since shipping cost will depend on the item's weight. However, the Islands without brofaste connection incur an extra fee. All items are sent by courier or Post Denmark. By Post Denmarkprovided the item the day after dispatch. Goods that are shipped with a forwarder, is delivered to the first door on the ground floor.
You also have the option to pick up the item on our address, which is Glatvedvej 22-8444 Bale. The item must, however, be ordered and paid for in advance. You will then receive an email when the item is ready to be picked up.

4. delivery
The delivery time is currently 1-5 working days (excl. lørd./sønd. and holy days)
Shipping with trucking and shipping carrier is to front door at street level. We have unfortunately no
impact on the carrier's route. Delivery time cannot be specified
than between kl. 0900-1600 on a given date.
As a starting point made no shipments without acknowledgement of receipt. If
the absence of any domestic carrier puts a message. Contact the shipping carrier 
and negotiate new exit.
Delivery of goods is considered completed when the carrier has delivered the goods on order address and the customer has received the item. Select the item that must be made, the customer is responsible for the item once the carrier has put the item on the destination address

5. reception
Once you have received your goods, you need to compare these with the order confirmation. Always check the item/package for shipping damage before the acknowledgement of receipt. If there is damage to a product objection against the transport company on the spot. There should never be acknowledgedon a bill of lading without making remarks on the Bill of lading, if there is damage on any of the items. (It is not enough only to check the box exterior)
Acknowledgement of receipt is the same as saying that the item is in order!

Is the product/packaging is damaged, you can either refuse receipt, after which the carrier takes the package with return. We then need to be contacted. You can also receive the package, but signs on the Bill of lading "received with reservations" and the contents of the package can be checked after the carrier has gone. If you discover damage, only after you have opened the package, you should contact at the local post office, the carrier or with us.
Is the package sent by Post Denmark you should contact at the local post office, if (1) there are gaps in the package (2) content is corrupted.
It is important that packaging is preserved for posterity. later inspection of the carrier.
Visible defects or defects must be reported to on delivery day or no later than the day after! Enquiries on more than 2 days after receipt cannot be processed!

Manageable supplies less than 20 kg at the designated address, however, max. 1. floor or basement. Supplies over 20 kg or bulky shipments are delivered almost possible delivery address, in the ramp or street level.

6. defective goods
Do you have against expectation got defective or wrong delivered goods in delivery moment, must be contacted. Smarthousedanmark.comcovers transportation costs in connection with the delivered goods by shipping via error Post danmark or carrier, with the condition that it is us who are responsible for requiring the submission of carrier or sends paid post receipt. We will exchange and sends a new item with the same, of course, we have received the fejlleveredevare, unless otherwise agreed.
To help our return Department, please leave a copy of the order confirmation in the box along with the item and a return form

7. return/Cancellation
Should you withdraw from your purchase, all items can be returned within 14 days after receipt. We will refund the price or Exchange for a different item, if the item is returned in essentially the same condition and quantity. The Original packaging must be returned in a condition that makes a further sale possible, taking on the packaging is directed use of the product as well as useful information about goals/values necessary info for our other customers.
Custom made (items which are manufactured specifically for you) shall not be taken back. We will send special order confirmation on these goods where we inform about that there is no return policy on this item. This must be sent signed return prior to the order is initiated. If you have not received a special order confirmation shall be subject to the normal 14-day money back guarantee.

Goods returned without POSTAGE or after claims be denied receipt without prior agreement. The customer is responsible for that item will appearin mint condition.
It may take up to 10 working days from the time we receive the item back to we are reversing the money.

Remember to save your entry receipt as evidence that you have shipped the item.
Sent an item return after the 14 days, without prior agreement, the customer must pay for the package return again. is not obliged to account package return even if we have received your package.

8. Warranty/Guarantee
On all products shall be granted according to the sale of goods Act, unless the manufacturer Warranty even gives additional guarantee on the product. Should the item against expectations go during the complaint period, the item must be sent to us and we will repair the item. Due to the mistake operation errors, modifications or coarse abuse from the user's page, will the repair be billed the customer.

9. property relations
reserves the right of ownership to the delivered goods until the entire purchase price is paid in full.

10. reservations and Disclaimer takes reservations for any tax changes, price and proofreading errors, technical errors, out of stock items and force majeure, including labour conflict and deficiencies in, or delay of deliveries from suppliers. 

11. submission of order 
Once you have placed an item order via ourwebsite, our system will automatically send you an email stating which products you have ordered. 

You should be aware that the automatic replies (via email) is not a legally binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement is reached. There are only talking about an electronic acknowledgement of receipt of your order. therefore has the option to cancel your order due to typographical errors, technical problems, delivery failures and similar situations.