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With smart-house, you have complete control over the lighting both indoor and outdoor, where different situations and moods can be easily customized. Correct lighting level highlights the interiors, so it comes into its own. Creating a cozy atmosphere when the small lamps around the room turned on and the big lights dimmed or turned off.

Lighting scenarios

You can use the on-programmed light scenarios, or even adjust the light levels that you want to achieve the "right" atmosphere. You may want a pleasant atmosphere for a dinner for two, or the company of good friends Correct reading light for a relaxing moment in front of the fireplace with a good book? Fully light when to be cleaned? Subdued lighting for a cozy evening in front of TV?
Only you set limits on what can be done.

Programming light scenarios

The programming is very simple. To set just the brightness of the various lamps as you want, and press simply a button whereby light scenario stored.

Wireless control

To increase the flexibility of the installation can use wireless light switches or remote control, so the location can be changed as needs and life situation. Want operation from the couch? Contacts in child-friendly height that can be moved when the child grows? Or perhaps you want to mount on glass surfaces, Wall attachment or other places where permanent installation is otherwise cumbersome? Wireless products is also a very good solution with the intention of renovating existing housing ..
With one of these remotes can control any function in your home

Motion-controlled light

In some places it may be convenient to control the light using motion sensors, such as. utility room. Once you have your hands full of laundry, it is pleasant to the light turns on automatically when you enter the room. Motion-controlled light can also be used to turn off the room after a period of inactivity - eg. children's rooms.