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Smart House is suitable for control of lighting, ventilation, heating, alarms, etc. There are many options for options to the system eg. motion sensors, lysfølere or a fingerprint scanner at the door.

When the system is integrated with the mobile phone, obtained additional security and flexibility. Receive, for example. an SMS-message from the dwelling, if the alarm goes off, so you can obtain the necessary help.

It is possible to go "active" into the House via SMS and change on different parameters or, for example. turn on the heat on the way home from the Office.




Since Smart House is based on a bus-system, one may at any time extend or change the system and directly connect to, from any location in the home.

To avoid this lange cable drag back to the main Board. The central unit in the system is Smart House controller, this is Typica(k) placed in a rack, along with the other electronic equipment.

The system fits just as well for a small apartment to a major housing and at the same time, one of the most flexible solutions
on the market in relation to the price. Here one can on a simple
way to combine cable pulley with wireless products, making the system suitable for both new buildings and renovations.





Smart house relies on Dupline-system, there is a
so-called bus system. That is to say, the two wires installationsbus sends
signals around the House to various circuit breakers, thermostats, sensors, relays and
other components.

The central body is the smart house controller-the intelligent device that
programmatically control the selected components. The controller can be placed
throughout the installation. Typically on the Central Group Board in the utility room.

Each of the switches and thermostats with more is given a name, which is used
during programming, where for example. all beaded ceiling light in the living room can be brought together in a single group,
or an off-all function can be linked to a contact at the outer door.
The programming is done from a regular pc. Smart house differs from
the market's other systems know that at any time can expand or change
system by coupling them directly into the "bus" any place in
the House. Thus releasing the man to pull the metre of wire cables back to
Group Board.


-It's that easy


Smart house can easily be installed in both new as
existing construction, where the old installation in many cases can
"recycled", without to deduct new pipes and cables.

Smart house is an intelligent network all the way to the contacts, there are equipped
with a programmable Dupline-chip.


When you install smart house in your home, install
you at the same time, the comfort of everyday life. You can leave one contact serve as killjoy
in the whole room, so you don't have to go around to every single lamp. You can
install motion sensors, so the light is switched on automatically when you enter the
the kitchen, the bathroom or to the stairs, and you can touch by
the entrance to enable selected lights throughout the House-as well as perhaps the stereo.
Similarly, you can with a single tap to make sure that all lights are turned off when you
leave home. Light, heat, ventilation and alarms can be programmed so that they
operate according to your particular needs. Also with remote control. The possibilities are many
-the choice is yours.

Safety is of paramount importance in your own home, for example. When it comes to
fire alarm and anti-theft-it may just not fail due to a dead
battery or anything else. And safety of that things work, do you get with
smart-house installation actually is "oversized" to a
detached house. Smart house is built around Dupline field bus system, which is
developed by Carlo Gavazzi for industrial automation. The system used
around the world in mines, airports, railways, hotels and in companies where
operational safety is of vital importance.




There is good economy in installing thermal management and
control of lighting and other electrical installations, so there is no burner on in
night hours, and when the House is empty. And there is good economy in choosing the
future-proof smart house system for existing as well as new construction. IN
the existing construction parts of the old installation can often be reused-and
Since the smart house system requires only two leaders, saving both wiring meters and
hassle compared to competing systems. Also if the system later
be extended, is smart-house the cheapest solution, since you can expand your system
without the wiring back to the central control unit.

Smart house is the most flexible solution on the market. It is a genuine
network installation, a bus system, and thus a safe investment in
the future. The system can be expanded without new wires must be pulled back
to the Control Board, which typically hangs in the utility room. With smart-house coupler
the installer simply the new function directly on the cord, where the
must be used. It also provides a huge advantage in those cases where smart house
to be continued to an annex. The system is also prepared for that you even
can program and control it via the internet and the mobile phone.


Your House can also easily be a smart house


Regardless Of If you live in an older villa or have plans for new construction, so is your smart house dealer ready to make the system a part of your daily life-with all the
comfort, it entails. And then it's easy, secure, flexible and economical.

Sikkerhedslys: a motion sensor shall ensure that the light at the driveway,
have time and front door switch, when you come home late or get unexpected
guests for the evening.

On/off clock: in the cold time can you program the electric
engine heater via the smart house system on/off clock-and you can choose to
the engine only has to be pre-heated on weekdays. You can also leave the engine heater must be
Depending on the outside temperature by means of a temperature sensor.

Turn off the oven: With a push to get an assurance that children do not turn on the
oven, stove, coffee maker and other electric appliances when you are not near.
You can also choose to control the dangerous electrical appliances with a timer, so they are connected
from at certain times.

"house inhabited" management: when you are on holiday, living the House its own
life House occupies your daily routines, for the last week, and play these
While you are on holiday. So it seems as if the House is inhabited, and the light turns on
not just for a clock that burglars can easily see through.

Turn off everything: you click one contact and can leave home in the knowledge that
a total of lysog selected electrical appliances are switched off.

Security check: You do not need to go through the whole House to check
Windows and exterior doors before you go. On a control panel, or the more advanced
"touch screen" allows you to quickly see where there may not be closed.

Text message: When your smart house system integrates with your mobile phone,
You can achieve an additional security and flexibility. You receive a text message from the
your home if an alarm has gone off-and you can quickly obtain the
necessary help. You can also go "active" into the House via SMS and
change on different parameters, for example. You can select off-all function, if
you forgot to turn off the iron or hob-or you can screw
up the heat if you take home earlier than expected.