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Your House can also easily be a smart house


Whether you live in an older villa or have plans for new construction, so  
Smart House Denmark ready to make the system a part of your daily life-
with all the comfort, it entails. And then it's easy, secure, flexible and

Safety light: A motion sensor shall ensure
that light at the driveway, Garden walks and front door teeth when you come late home-
or get unexpected guests for the evening.

Power on/off-clock: In the
cold time can you program the electric engine heater via the smart-house
system on/off clock-and you can choose to have the engine only must be preheated at
weekdays. You can also leave the motor the heater be depending on outside temperature by
using a temperature sensor.


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Turn off the oven: With a pressure
you get the assurance that children do not turn on the oven, hot plates, coffee machine
and other electrical equipment when you are not near. You can also choose to control the
dangerous electrical appliances with a timer so that they are disconnected from at certain

"house inhabited" Manager: When you are on holiday,
Live House his own life. The House takes up your daily routines, for the last
week, and play these while you are on holiday. So it seems as if the House is
inhabited, and the light does not turn on just after a clock, as burglars can easily
through spectacle.
Turn off everything: you click one contact and can leave home in
the knowledge that everything lysog selected el-articles are
turned off.

Security Check: You don't have to go all the
the House through to check the Windows and exterior doors before you go. On a
control panel or the more advanced "touch screen" allows you to quickly see where
There may not be closed.

SMS-message: When your
smart house system integrates with your mobile phone, you can achieve an extra safety
and flexibility. You will receive an SMS-message from your home if an alarm is gone
in time-and you can quickly obtain the necessary help. You can also go
"active" into the House via SMS and change on different parameters, for example. can you
Choose off everythingthe function, if you forgot to turn off the iron or
cooktop-or you can turn up the heat, if you take the earlier home than