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Upgrade your old controller. !

Opgrader Smart House Danmark

Upgrade your old controller to the latest series.

Get the opportunity to get User Interface on your phone, iPad, Computer, yes everything with a browser, low data logging, and keep an eye on the temperature of eg. House. Replace your old dimmers in the board, and you can use LED bulbs and set dimmer levels from the phone, etc. Open protocols BACNet and Modbus is part of the new controls. Possibility of energy meters and data collection etc.

With 3,000 pieces BH8-CTRLX, 4000 paragraph. BH8-CTRLZ, and almost 20000 paragraph. G3800XX control running today, the Carlo Gavazzi developed the new SH2DUG24 bus module, so that with a new controller, you can replace all the older controller types, without changing other components of the installation. In this way we offer our customers an upgrade of the existing installation without having to replace the entire system.

At the latest controls can put up to 7 pieces. bus modules, thereby greatly extending its existing installation very easy.

Brochures and data sheets

SH2DUG hardware manual

SH2DUG datablad

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