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User-friendly operation


Using FlexCabling in daily and achieve advantages of the network is very easy. Both young people, families and older people from around the world can learn to operate FlexCabling.
The network operated very user-friendly by the motto - plug and play!

When a FlexCabling network is installed by a professional technician, it is ready for use. All sockets in the house are the same and can be used for everything. Simply by connecting your
multimedia equipment with a standard FTP cable.

Flex Cabling til smarthouse Brugervenlighed

Rack cabinet that connect all the cables are a small metal cabinet placed somewhere central in the house. Possibly. in a tailors or kitchen cabinet.

The rack cabinet is your FlexCabling products connected and associated with various cables. You have a good overview and choose easily the type of signal (antenna, telecommunications, data, etc.) You want in any outlet in the house.

Want eg television in the bedroom, you'll find just your TV module in the closet and associate it with a cable to the number of the socket that sits in the bedroom.
Now you can connect your television in the bedroom and watch the same channels that you
all other places in the house where you have televisions located.

FlexCabling is the flexible and simple solution for multimedia entertainment ...