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New standards for data cabling

Flexcabling Nye Standarter


Are you aware of the new European standards for data cabling?
One of the standards called EN50174-2: 2009 and enters into cancer d. 1 May 2012, and therefore includes installations carried out after this date.

This standard deals nærføring with other cables, making it virtually impossible to implement unshielded installations that meet the standard because there is no longer permitted total nærføring with unshielded cables - even over short distances, as previously.

Other standards deal with the increased bandwidth and speed, which are used for data traffic. A speed using frequencies in the same level as, inter alia, Television signals, and a number of other signals, while constantly, more and more wireless technologies.

All FlexCabling's products are approved to use unshielded cables, but the installation of wiring, it should follow the standards. And virtually the only way in which it is in practice possible to perform unshielded data cabling that meets the new standards is to route the cables in shielded conduits (metallic channels, with lids and tubes).

As a result of the new standards recommend FlexCabling that from d. May 1, 2012 exclusively performed installations of data cables. There is still no requirement from FlexCabling's side for the installation of higher category than the lowest available - namely C5e. And thus FlexCabling still the inexpensive alternative to similar multimedia solutions.
FlexCabling launches snarrest shielded products, as a result of the new standards ...

What about the unshielded installations?
We naturally do not expect that there will be problems with the existing FlexCabling installations with unscreened cables, as all FlexCabling's products comply with applicable EMC legislation is to ensure a maximum level of signal radiation from the various products so that these are not " generating "each other. This EMC law obviously applies to all producers, and therefore it should not be the emergence of radiation on EMC compliant installation, which FlexCabling.

FlexCabling's TV and Radio distributes are EMC tested with unshielded cables of third-party testing company in Denmark, according to IT and Telecom Agency's guidelines. But the cabling must always be installed according to the latest applicable installation standards. These tightened sharply d. May 1, 2012.

Regards. Thomas Hansen
FlexCabling ApS