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Der er mange fordele ved Europadåsen som flere hundrede europæiske producenter fremstiller installationsmateriel til, bl.a. også Smart House, Gira og JungDer er mange fordele ved Europadåsen som flere hundrede europæiske producenter fremstiller installationsmateriel til, bl.a. også Smart House, Gira og Jung

Lots of options
Europe The can has been on the market for 60 years in almost all European countries except Switzerland, Italy, England and Denmark.
Europe can is, however, now widely used in Denmark.

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There are many advantages Europe can is that hundreds of European manufacturers produce fittings to, inter alia, Also Smart House, Gira and Jung. Such is the power outlets, also Danish, computing and antenna connectors and control systems, which can not be fitted into the existing Danish cans. Europe can is therefore a freedom in electrical design not previously existed in Denmark.

Europe can is available as forfra-, mounting and indstøbningsdåse and has many more options than the Danish canned. Europe canister future also ensures electrical installation when on one, two or ten years will completely new electrical products for the home - no matter from which supplier. New types of door communication, surge protection, automation, etc. can thus immediately installed - when there are a Europe-box in the wall or cable channel.

Many buildings in Denmark are already equipped with the European Boxes and Smart House Products.

With Smart House range, it is easy to find a suitable design - eg available which affects in many colors and materials, so you can always find a frame that fits the new wallpaper or color in the living room.
Or how to fit a glass frame on the wall socket in the bathroom, or real stainless steel or aluminum where you want to clean installations in kitchens, bathrooms, utility room, hotel rooms, hospital and care sector?
With several European cans in the Danish walls / electrical increased supply and competition intensified, it means that consumers will have more to choose from.

For electrical installer means that he gets significantly easier by offering the customer the desired both technically and in design, thus he achieves to ensure order and not as it often is today, just to get the order at the price, but by providing the exact by the customer.

This advantage has electrician who had in all our neighboring countries for many years, thanks to Europe canister which all European manufacturers support.

Easy and fast installation
The electrician must only know a few goals when he installs europe cans:
The center distance from tin to tin is 71 mm
Skruebefæstelse to insert is 60 mm
Flush mounted socket mounted in the drilled hole (82-84 mm) and therefore is mounted fixed and centered without mortar, grinding or frothing, a clean installation of less than 1/3 of the time normally spent on mounting boxes in Denmark today.
This mounting system is more than 20 years old and is used in most European countries.

Internationalization of sockets
After the government for about a year has considered opening the Danish market for an international outlet system has Safety Agency announced that it will propose the introduction of the French / Belgian socket system from 1 July 2008.
The problem is known almost all new electrical and electronic appliances manufacturer equipped with a CEE7-plug (Schuko and French / Belgian plug) after the European standard, and when it is inserted in the Danish outlet with three legs - phase, neutral and ground - there is no connection to ground. It believes many are increasingly significant security risk, so therefore welcomed the new initiative welcome. Using electrical outlets from Gira is optional for the developer to continue to use the Danish outlet or the French / Belgian socket system when implemented.

This initiative by the authorities reinforces the importance of Europe socket.