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Guide Remote Smart-House App:

1: Close SHApp:
Turn off SHApp on all other devices, be it the Ipod / Ipad / Iphone, since only one device 
can be online at the controller at a time. 
Here is meant not only close the app, but double click the home button and remove 
SHApp in the list. 
Here the window by double clicking the Home button. Keep your finger on the icon to the small 
"minus" appears, then press minusset. This is the app shut down completely.

Smart House app

2: Disable "Remote Connection":
Go to Settings / SHapp: Here you must make sure that Remote Connection is off.

Smart House App Billede 2 Smart House App Billede 3

3: Disable Mobile Data : 
Go to Settings / General / Mobile: Turn Mobile Data from.

Smart House App billede 4 Smart House App Billede 5 Smart House App Billede 6

4: Connect Controller:
Start Shapp, default password is 1234

Smart House App Billede 7

Press the icon "Controllers" and press "Search controllers".

Smart House App Billede 8 Smart House App Billede 9

Select the detected controller so that the line becomes green and press "Connect the controller" 
Controller Connected appears at the bottom.

Smart House App billede 10

Then "read configuration".

Smart House App Billede 11

Now you should be ready to use your App.

Smart House App billede 12

5: Enable Mobile Data again:
Go to Settings / General / Mobil Turn "Mobile data" to.

Smart House App Billede 13 Smart Hosue SHAPP Billede 14 Smart House SHAPP Billede 15

6: Remote Connection:
Ie now choose whether you want the connection to the controller, via Wifi or 3G / 4G 
by beating "Remote Connection" on or off. 
Go to Settings / Shapp Here you can enable "Remote Connection" 
Remember to do your port forwarding of port 502 on your router.

Smart House SHAPP Billede 16 Smart House SHAPP Billede 17

The above procedure is necessary as the latest OS6 opdagtering as bla. Iphone 4S and 5 runs 
with, because. That does not shut down for 3G / 4G when there is Wifi available. But the phone continues 
to try to communicate via 3G / 4G. 
In one App is a security built in so that if you have not been in contact with the controller 
via Wifi, at least once, you can never get connected 
with it via 3G / 4G.

Download as PDF  Click Here