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Therefore, you will get the shock of all time - and how to avoid it.

You can't take in a doorknob without getting a shock for the time being? Then we have the solution for you.

statisk elektricitet Smart House

If you walk around and feel electric in these days, so it's not without reason. It has become the season to get the shock, and it's crazy annoying and uncomfortable for many.

Støddene varies much in strength,but can be up to 4,000 volts, which is more than 17 times as much as comes out of a wall outlet.

The reason for this phenomenon is the cold air outside, which makes the air inside dry.

"When the air is dry, it easier to let themselves up to get static electricity", says the electrician, Martin Kogsgaard Jensen for metro.

"It can also be something with clothes, because to pack more in and the layers rubbing against each other and the body. Fleece is a great satan!", sounds his assessment.

Then, when you come in contact with a doorknob, another person, or even a jet of water, you get a jolt.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid those pesky bumps on the, and here are the electrician is not in doubt, what's most effective:

"Use well with the body lotion".

Dry fingers and hands are far more at risk to get the shock than damp is.

You can also take precautions like not dragging your feet across the carpeting, go in clothes of cotton and keep the temperature inside below 22 degrees.

10 good advice

- to avoid static electricity or reduce the nuisance

What you can do:

1. Place a piece of antistatic fabric of your office chair and a mat or a piece of antistatic floor under your desk.

2. Use clothes of cotton and wool rather than synthetic substances.

3. Try with different shoes and lift your feet when you walk.

4. Use moisturizer if you have dry skin.

5. Tube door handle or other electric objects with håndroden or arm, which is less sensitive to shock than the fingers.

6. You can also discharge with a finger ring, a key, or something else metal before you take fat with your hands.

7. Rinse your clothes in fabric softener. It has an antistatic effect. It also, however, contains substances which pollute the environment, so it should be one of the last options.

A common approach in the workplace:

8. Contact your employer or the organisation of security, if you have regular problems with static electricity. Take the evs. the problem up in arbejdspladsvurderingen (APV).

9. If there is more than 22 degrees, you can turn down the temperature. It increases the humidity and reduces the risk of static electricity.

10. Static materials can be treated with an antistatic agent or fabric softener. However, it may contain other undesirable substances, so keep an eye on the contents and possible side effects.